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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Bread, Buns & Rolls

From Artisan to everyday, the number of bread, buns and roll variations are endless.

Breads are considered a staple in any household for centuries and it can be served at any time of the day, either be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can also be eaten as a snack and can be used as an ingredient for some culinary cuisines.

Breads are typically made out of flour and water, molded into different shapes, sizes and prepared in different formats using our industrial bakery equipment:


The normal ingredient of a bread dough that can produce crusty exteriors are flour, water, salt and yeast but when added with fat, sugar or dairy, doughs outcome can be softer and quite different.


A cooking technique that allows for a dough product to be partially baked before rapidly cooling and freezing for storage. Par-baked breads are usually sold frozen with instructions to baked it the rest of the way before the expiry date. Par-baked dough prevents freezing of water inside the dough that makes it crumbly.


Fully baked bread or generally, completely cooked bread without the need for cooling or freezing. Most commercial bakeries created fully baked bread that is packaged and ready-to-eat.

The major process of making bread commonly starts with weighing all the ingredients to get the right consistency for each product, it is followed by kneading the ingredients together to form a solid dough. Each baking method requires different types of industrial mixer to create the right consistency of dough.

Through the mixing process, air bubbles are incorporated into the dough to create the correct texture depending on the type of bread being made.

The next process is to ferment the dough using a proofing equipment where it encourages the dough to leaven in a warm temperatures and controlled humidity. Proofing equipment allows for consistent results and maintain a baking schedule. Once dough has been fermented, it goes straight to the baking process where the dough is transformed to the desired product.

Another bread making process is the long fermentation wherein dough is fermented in bulk then divided before proofing, baking and packaging to protect the product or for the purpose of selling.

From materials handling system, ingredient scaling, dough mixing, proofing to baking, cooling and slicing, Dunbar Systems Inc. offers a full line of industrial bakery equipment for bread, buns and rolls depending on the needs of your commercial bakeries.

Our innovative industrial bakery equipment solutions provide commercial bakeries a smooth implementation and process to help them achieve their production goals.

Dunbar Systems Inc. is proud to offer a cost-effective solution for bread and rolls production for commercial bakeries. We simplify the process to source the right mixing, panning, proofing, baking and packaging system to fit your desired product – every time.

With over 35 years of experience in the baking industry, you can rely on Dunbar Systems to be your capable partner on any project.

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