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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Bagels

Millions of bagels are consumed each day in U.S. Will yours be satisfying the consumers craving?

Millions of bagels are consumed each day in U.S. Will yours be satisfying the consumers craving?

Bagels as we all know are characterized by its ring shape and shiny crust. Plain, herbs, cinnamon – bagel can be made into different flavors with different toppings and can be eaten plain, toasted, buttered or sandwiched, but the main ingredients still remain. Bagels commonly consists of water, salt, flour, and yeast and can be differentiated based on its texture, chewiness, kilning and how the bagels are made.

Producing a full portfolio of dense, chewy bagels is easy with Dunbar Systems. We will design the perfect solution that will allow our clients to create traditional bagels to exotic varieties through different dough types and toppings.

Dunbar Systems Inc. can provide industrial bakery equipment for mass production of bagels ensuring that each product is consistent and up to standards when it comes to consumer’s demand.

The industrial baking process of bagels starts with ingredient handling then mixing using a spiral mixer where the temperature is closely monitored, producing the desired dough texture before the process of dividing the dough into small equal portions followed by forming it into a ring structure using a specialized former.

Once formed, bagel rings will go through the process of proofing to activate the yeast and to avoid the dough from drying out followed by a quick chill to stop it from rising too much. The dough then goes to a process of boiling or kettling to maintain its shape followed by baking until desired color is obtained. It is then removed to cool and packaged. For commercially produce bagels, it is usually available frozen, par-baked or fully baked depending on the requirement.

Our solution is simple, cost – effective and innovative, we stay up to date to the current technology to formulate a system that can produce high quality products. We streamlined our system as much as possible. We have an inline process that can be used separately or integrated in an adaptable production line. Our design systems will allow you to maximize bakery efficiency.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, professionals at Dunbar Systems Inc. are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to providing the right industrial bakery equipment for bagels. We follow certain steps to better understand your current business process before formulating a customized solution to help you achieve your production goals.

Our project managers and engineers monitor the building of equipment and will be on site to ensure proper installation and on time delivery. Since our inception, we have completed over 1,600 successful baking production installations. You can trust us when it comes to your commercial bakery needs as we customize our vendor selection to your solution. We can help you identify the right bakery solution for your operations.

If you need support in custom automated system for your commercial bakery, contact us today for more information.

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